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Our stance on sustainability

Our vision is to enhance the lives of everyone we touch, today and in the future.

Our ambition is to be a sustainable company.

We are continuously working towards becoming a more sustainable company.  It is about being persistent, overcoming setbacks and difficulties and never giving up on the overall goal. We have track record in sustainability and are proud of our accomplishments, but we will never rest on our laurels.

We are committed building quality products that can be worn for years and are preferably made from natural materials that are sustainable and not harmful to the environment when washed or disposed of eventually.

Our Sustainability plan identifies six strategic priorities to address the issues and challenges in all the places where products are created, designed, grown, manufactured, shipped, sold and worn. Following the entire lifecycle of fashion. We will continue to reprioritise our action plans in creating responsibility across our entire supply chain, with tangible and measurable goals, and ensures that you can feel good about your fashion choices and that Kingsley remains a source of happiness for all people.

Right now our priorities are:

  • To continue to fight disposable fashion by making products that last and are timeless.
  • To continue to use materials in our products that are sustainable sources and made from natural fibres that are not harmful to the environment.
  • Actively reduce the use of one way plastics in secondary packaging in our supply chain.
  • To continue to use recycle Shoe boxes and paper shopping bags.
  • To continue to use wood and materials in our store design those are sustainable and long lasting.
  • To conserve energy, water and innovate sustainable materials.