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Kingsley Heath On An Adventure Collectible Mamba

Style: HUWNCR003-K017R3-One Size

Introducing the Kingsley Heath Hiker Nguni Collectible, a masterpiece that celebrates the essence of adventure and discovery across the vast African continent. Crafted with passion and precision, each figurine is a testament to the meticulous artistry and dedication poured into its creation. Expertly hand-carved and moulded with intricate detail, these collectibles are made to stand the test of time using high-quality resin, ensuring lasting durability for you to cherish for years to come. What truly distinguishes this collectible is the hand decoration process carried out by Blessing and his wife, esteemed artists hailing from KwaZulu-Natal. Their skillful hands breathe life into each figurine, infusing it with depth, character, and a touch of exclusivity through meticulously applied strokes of paint. By acquiring the Kingsley Heath Hiker Nguni Collectible, you join an elite circle of connoisseurs who value the fusion of art, tradition, and uniqueness. With only 20 of these exquisite collectibles ever produced, each piece is meticulously numbered, elevating its rarity and desirability among collectors. Whether showcased as a captivating centrepiece in your living space or added to your private collection, this limited edition collectible speaks volumes about your refined taste and admiration for impeccable craftsmanship. It serves as a symbol of your individuality, capturing the essence of your distinctive style and the cherished memories you hold dear. Standing at a height of 28cm, this collectible is a delicate treasure that demands gentle handling to preserve its beauty and allure. Embrace the spirit of adventure and exploration with the Kingsley Heath Hiker Nguni Collectible—an emblem of sophistication and artistry that transcends time and tradition.

Weight - 3.66kg